YoWhatsApp 2023 Download APK v9.52 (Official) Latest Version

The best communication app in the world is WhatsApp Messenger, or YoWhatsApp 2023 APK. Its daily communications are used by more than five billion users. Users communicate their joy to their friends and family. End-to-end encryption ensures the security of their calls and messages while they exchange photos and videos. They cannot be read by anyone unless they are shared with the person.

WhatsApp offers a plethora of incredible features. It most recently implemented payment capabilities. As a result, they are spared the need to install additional applications. But certain features are missing. There are only the light and dark themes. No chat can be locked or hidden. A message can only be forwarded to five recipients. YoWhatsApp 2023 is widely used because of this.

What is YoWhatsApp 2023?

YoWhatsApp is a WhatsApp mod with numerous distinctive features, including the ability to hide the second and blue tick, download the user’s profile picture and status, and hide their online status. It looks amazing with dynamic themes. You can block it from sending or receiving any messages by switching it to DND mode. Its popularity among WA MOD users is mostly due to these qualities.

The finest modified version of WhatsApp is called YoWA or YoWhatsApp APK. It is simple to download and set up on your device. It is not necessary to root the smartphone. Additionally, there is no requirement to remove the official version. Your duplicate WA accounts on the same device are resolved. Additionally, it has an OTA update that notifies you of the new version and allows you to download YoWhatsApp’s most recent version.

Details of YoWhatsApp

APK Size57 MB
OS RequiredAndroid 4.3+
Last Updated1 day ago

Features of YoWhatsApp


Users adore YoWhatsApp’s incredible features, which are numerous. The list of features is as follows:

  • Message Scheduler
  • Message Any Number without Saving in Contacts
  • Dynamic & Stunning Themes Collection
  • Self-Destructive Messages
  • Pause Last Seen
  • Hide Forwarded Status
  • Control Who Can Call You
  • See Deleted Message & Status
  • Hide View Status
  • Hide Tying Status
  • Hide Second Ticks & Blue Ticks
  • Show Blue Ticks After You Reply
  • Send Photos in Original Quality
  • Disable Media Share Limit
  • Share Unlimited Media Files
  • Hide Media from Gallery
  • Upload Status in 100% Quality
  • Forward Messages up to 300 Chats
  • Lock Chats
  • Hide Chats
  • DND Mode
  • Chat Head Message
  • DIY Theme
  • Huge Collection of Call Interface Themes
  • Find Real-Time Location of Your Friend
  • Multiple Backup Locations
  • Download DP & Status

Download YoWhatsApp APK Latest Version

Since YoWhatsApp is not an official version, it cannot be found on the Google Play store. To make it simple for you to download, we’ve provided the YoWhatsApp APK 2023 download link. You won’t have any problems downloading or installing it.

Features Explanation of YoWhatsApp

Read the following subsections if you are interested in learning more about these features. We went to great lengths to explain each feature. As a result, you will be fully informed and able to decide whether to utilize them or not.

Message Scheduler

What will you do if you need to remind someone to do something at a certain time but you will be occupied at that moment? What if you don’t message them at all? The message schedule can be used in these circumstances. You can choose who to deliver the message to, when, and how. The message will be automatically sent to the specified recipients at the specified time by YoWhatsApp. So there’s no need to worry if you forget to message them then.

Message Any Number

If you want to communicate someone whose number is not saved in your contacts on their official WhatsApp, you must first save their number in your contacts before you may message them. That takes time and is a long procedure. However, you can communicate any number in YoWhatsApp without adding it to your contacts. Simply hit the three dots in the top right corner to access the menu, then select “Message a Number.” In the pop-up window that appears, enter the number, and then select “open chat.” It will immediately launch the entered number’s chat.

Dynamic Themes

WhatsApp only offers static themes, and there aren’t many of them. However, YoWhatsApp has some incredible dynamic themes. It has a wide range of topics, including those related to dragons, gaming, superheroes, mermaids, nature, vehicles, and anime. Dragons soaring, Minions having fun, Guru dancing, Interstellar, Godzilla in the city, Dark Souls, and Inari waifu are all depicted in the background of the home screen and chats. Aren’t these themes gorgeous?

Self-Destructive Messages

WhatsApp only offers static themes, and there aren’t many of them. When your friend sees or reads what you shared with them, do you want to keep them in chat? Then you can send messages that will harm yourself. Once your friend views these kinds of communications, they will be automatically erased from your chats together.

See Deleted Messages & Status

Some of our friends annoy us by sending us messages, which we promptly delete before reading. We become interested in what they sent, and when we inquire as to what they erased, they merely reply, “Nothing,” to our questions. What irritates you more than this? So let them carry it out. You have WhatsApp, Yo. Activate the “Anti-delete message” option by doing nothing. Every time someone deletes a message, it remains in your chat. Statuses are the same. You can also see them.

Send Photos & Status in Best Quality

When you submit a status or send a picture with the official WhatsApp app, WhatsApp reduces the image’s quality to 80% compression. However, this MOD allows you to share photos and update your status in their original, uncompressed quality. Select Universal Settings from Yo Settings. The “Send Photos & Status in Best Quality” option can then be enabled.

Media Share Limit

In the official WhatsApp, you can exchange up to 30 media files, and no media file can be larger than 16 MB. However, with this patch, you can share videos up to 80 MB in size. There is no restriction on how many media files you can choose to distribute, either. Choosing and sharing up to 30, 50, or even 100 files is simple. There is no need to repeatedly choose which files to share.

Forward Messages to up to 300 Chats

Selecting 5 recipients, the message was forwarded. To send a message to 20 recipients, use the same procedure repeatedly. a drawn-out procedure. Not to worry. With this patch, you can choose up to 300 recipients and send the message to them all at once.

Backup Chats & Settings

If you believe it to be identical to the official WhatsApp. Let me then inform you that YoWhatsApp also supports Mega and Dropbox cloud storage while the official app only supports Google Drive. On any of these cloud storage services, you can backup your chat and settings.

Download DP & Status

On their status updates, our friends frequently post awesome pictures and videos. The status cannot be downloaded as you would like. because doing that is not an option in the official version. YoWhatsApp developed this incredible function that allows users to download other people’s cool status. Additionally, it allows you to download their profile image. Simply click the download option in the lower left corner after seeing the status or profile picture.

Find Real-time Location of Your Friend

It has a feature that allows you to find out where your friend is. Tap on the location button that appears in the top bar to activate this feature. Next, choose a card with camouflage and send it. Any link can be included in this card. YoWhatsApp will provide you the information when your friend clicks on this link and identify his position.

DND Mode

DND stands for “Do Not Disturb.” You won’t get any calls, messages, or status updates from anyone using the app when this mode is enabled. Your mails won’t even be sent. It will feel as though you are not online. When you want to play games or watch movies without being disturbed, this option is useful. The internet does not need to be turned off either.

Hide Chats

You can use this feature if another person accesses your mobile device for any reason and you want to keep some discussions private from them. Additionally, that recipient will be removed from the app’s contact list. You must tap on the title listed on the home screen and then input the password to access the private chats. You cannot access the secret chats if you don’t know the password.

Hide Second & Blue Ticks

There is no setting in the official app that will allow you to hide the fact that you have read someone else’s message from them on occasion. No issue. You are allowed to read messages privately. A blue tick won’t appear on WhatsApp. They will believe you are offline if you hide the second tick.

Freeze Last Seen

The finest function to make others believe you are offline and not using WhatsApp at a certain time is freeze last seen. When you turn on this feature, it will be when you were last seen. When you don’t want other people to know that you are online, this option is incredibly helpful.

DIY Theme

You are aware of DIY? Make it on your own. You can also create own theme with DIY Theme. The Yo WhatsApp can be entirely customised. You may change everything, including the background image, action bar, navigation bar, text style, colour, background colour, icons, tab bar, slider, status layouts, avatar, chat lists, floating buttons, and more. Additionally, it offers all the edit tools to change the chat style, including the form, colour, and layout of the input boxes and the marked messages. It can be changed whatever you see appropriate.

Installation Guide

Due to the fact that they constantly instal programmes from the Play Store, many individuals are unaware of how to instal YoWhatsApp APK. But do not fret. To ensure that you have no issues during installation, we have thoroughly detailed each step. Take the following actions:

  • From the URL provided in this post, download YoWhatsApp APK.
  • Navigate to the folder where it was downloaded or saved by going to the file manager at this point. Go to the Download folder in Chrome if you wish. You can also check the download location in your browser’s options if you’re using another one.
  • Tap the downloaded APK to start it when you find it.
  • You must allow the installation of apps from unknown sources if this is your first time installing an APK from somewhere other than the Google Play Store.
  • Select Install Apps from Unknown Sources under Settings >> Security. Activate this option. Ignore this step if you have already completed it.
  • Return to the downloaded APK file and launch it.
  • A pop-up will appear.
  • Install Apps from Unknown Sources can be found under Settings >> Security. Turn this option on. If you have previously completed this, skip to step 2.
  • Reopen the downloaded APK by going back to it.
  • It will cause a pop-up window to appear with the installation option. Select “Install” from the menu. The installation will start and will take a little while.
  • Open YoWhatsApp after installation, register for an account, and use the app’s features.

Frequently Asked Questions-Answers

Is YoWhatsApp APK 2023 safe to install and use?

It can be installed on your device without any risk. Rooting is not necessary. However, there is a potential that your account will be suspended if you use some of its features excessively. Use it at your own peril, then. There is no issue if you use it routinely as well.

Can I use two accounts on the same device?

Yes. You don’t have to uninstall the official WhatsApp in order to instal YoWhatsApp. Both apps are distinct from one another and operate separately. On the same device, you can use both apps and, consequently, two accounts.

Can I send the photos & status in original quality?

Yes. WhatsApp reduces the quality of the photographs and status updates to 80% compression. In the options, the compression can be turned off. Select Universal Settings from Yo Settings. On the next screen, turn on the choices to “Send Photos in Best Quality” and “Send Status in Best Quality (100%)”. Your photos will be sent in their original quality.

Can I hide my online status?

Yes. By freezing your last seen, you can conceal your online presence. When you turn on the “Freeze Last Seen” function, it will stop displaying your online status and always display the time you were last seen.


Yo WhatsApp offers a number of capabilities that the official WhatsApp does not. Its user interface is fully customizable. WA’s appearance may be changed with only one tap thanks to dynamic themes. You can forward a message to up to 300 chats, download statuses, and it offers more privacy settings. It’s the finest mod if you’re looking for WhatsApp MOD APK. This site offers a free download of it. Enjoy your day!

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