New York University professor fired after students say his class was too hard

There is still debate around the dismissal of a professor from New York University (NYU) who was the target of a petition from students complaining.

that his course was too challenging because some parents and educators believe the episode indicates a lowering of academic standards.

Organic chemistry professor Maitland Jones Jr. lost his job at NYU

when more than 80 of the 350 students in his course signed a petition criticising his grades, instruction, and assistance during the Covid pandemic.

According to the New York Times, Jones, 84, received a letter from the dean of science in August ending his employment.

In a letter to three NYU deans, chemistry professors who disagreed.

the ruling expressed their concern that the case would compromise faculty autonomy and impair tried-and-true instructional strategies.

One of the teachers who signed the letter, Stephanie Lee, tweeted, "We are all on the same side in wanting students to achieve but we are using misaligned, and in many cases inaccurate, measures to evaluate accomplishment."