Midterm Elections 2022

On November 8, voters will decide whether to extend the Democratic Party's unified control of Capitol Hill for another two years or to place a check on the president for the remaining two years of his tenure.

President Joe Biden's governing majority are on the line. Each week, Morning Consult will update this page with poll findings that show

how the electorate is feeling, what they are hearing about their leaders, and what they think is influencing their vote decision ahead of the pivotal November elections.

Attrition across the political spectrum is what's causing Biden to have his lowest popularity rating among likely voters: His support among Democrats dropped from 86% to 83%, 

that of independents from 39% to 36%, and Republicans from 10% to 7%. Just 41% of potential Democratic voters give Biden a strong endorsement, matching a low record from October 21.

Recent weeks have seen a rise in Republican enthusiasm for voting, giving the opposition party its first real advantage on the metric in months.

Republicans hold a slim 3-point lead over Democrats in the most recent poll when asked if they will "certainly" vote this year, although Democrats have made some gains since early October.

The perceived uptick in negative press coverage of Biden or congressional Democrats over the previous few weeks has not coincided with the tightening of the general election field.