Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago mess just got 10 times messier and 20 times stupider

The continuing conflict between Donald Trump and the Justice Department has now taken another entirely absurd but completely expected step.

In an apparent error by a court staffer, who we assume has since been dismissed, logs outlining the content of hundreds.

the documents taken by FBI agents from Mar-a-Lago back in August were briefly posted online this week.

The records were discovered for the first time on Tuesday afternoon by Bloomberg reporter Zoe Tillman in a court docket.

that was published as part of the continuing conflict between former president Donald Trump and the Justice Department.

The disaster at Mar-a-Lago under Donald Trump has now gotten 20 times more foolish and messy.

The logs, which were quickly removed, claimed that the documents seized by the feds included government records, communications with outside parties,

including notes written by Trump by hand, as well as medical records, notes about conversations about presidential pardons, and records from the former president's various legal disputes.