Best Online Brokers for Stock Trading

These online brokers were identified in our investigation as the best for trading stocks because of their reasonable costs, robust trading platforms and tools, and excellent customer support.

The majority of investors use online brokers to trade equities. We've assessed brokerage firms and investment firms based on the services that matter most to various categories of stock traders in order

help you find the greatest fit for you.

Below are some online brokers for active traders who have minimal or no commissions, strong mobile trading interfaces, and desktop trading features.

The finest online brokers for educational tools (including webinars, video tutorials,

and in-person seminars) and on-call chat or phone support have been featured for those making their first foray into investing.

These criteria allowed the brokerage companies listed below to gain a spot on our list of the top online brokers for trading stocks.

Continue reading for links to detailed reviews of each broker by our investment experts, along with our selections.