How to Delete Kroger Account Step by Step Guide

If you’re looking for information on how to delete Kroger account and app, you’ve come to the correct spot. This article will explain how to cancel your Kroger account in detail. 

You don’t need to be concerned about deleting, uninstalling, or deactivating accounts or applications from your devices. So, follow the actions below if you genuinely wish to delete your account.

As you put out your shopping list or place an online order, Kroger helps you browse for food at cheap prices. On the Fortune 500 list of the largest US companies by total revenue, Kroger is listed as number 23.

How To Delete Kroger Account With Different Ways:

You have three options for getting rid of your account. You can utilize any of the ways listed below, which we shall go over one by one. So these are the techniques:

Delete your Kroger account online.

Terminate your Kroger account by sending a request

Call Kroger to close your account.

(A) Delete Kroger account through the website:

The webpage that defines Kroger itself is the best place to delete your account. You should do the following actions if you wish to use this method:

Step 1: Go to the website: 

The first step is to use a browser like Chrome, Explorer, etc. to navigate to the main page. Then enter “Kroger” in the search box, click to open the first link that appears, and you will be taken to their website. If you are unable to discover anything, simply click to access the website.

The image shows how to access the Kroger website.

How to Delete Kroger Account

Step 2: Log in to your account:

You should login in to your account by clicking the sign-in link when you visit their website.

How to Delete Kroger Account

You need an email address and password to sign in. So, enter your email address and password. If you forget your password, click “I forgot my password” as shown in the image to reset it.

How to Delete Kroger Account

If you created your account using a Google account, you can sign in with it.

Step 3: Go to account setting:

Go to your account settings after logging into your account. You can do it by simply clicking the account symbol on the right side of the screen, which will take you to the account settings. You can see the account icon in the image if you can’t find it.

How to Delete Kroger Account

Step 4: Go to the account options section:

You should proceed to the bottom of the page after visiting the account settings. There, you will find account settings with a red “DELETE AND CANCEL ACCOUNT” button on them. Before clicking on it, we advise you to read all the instructions provided there.

How to Delete Kroger Account

Step 5: Click on cancel and delete account:

After reading all the instructions, simply click the red button. You truly want to delete your account if you click on it. You will then be prompted to confirm your account deactivation once more.

Step 6: Confirm delete account:

Now, if you’re certain you want to delete your account, type your password, pick a reason, and then press the red button. Your account will be deactivated from Kroger when you click on it.

How to Delete Kroger Account

You can quickly delete your account from the website by following these instructions.

(B) How to delete Kroger account through submitting a request:

You can request the deletion of your Kroger account by completing the following steps:

1. Go to the customer contact page first.

2. Choose a method for submitting requests now, such as via phone or email.

3. We will advise you to choose by email.

4. Fill in all the fields—your name, email, etc.—now.

5. Choose one topic, or pick another.

6. You should then enter all the justifications in the final box and press the “Submit” button.

(C) How to delete Kroger account through calling:

You can call them at the specified time and at the provided number.

How to Delete Kroger Account

You can get in touch with them during these hours and days, explain your situation, and ask them to cancel your Kroger account.

How to delete the Kroger app from mobile and other devices:

Your Kroger app will no longer be useful to you once you’ve deleted your account, so you should do it right away. You can cancel your account by following simple instructions if you don’t know how to delete your apps from Apple or Android devices.

Alternatives of Kroger account:

Someone wants to switch to another platform after deleting an app or account. It goes without saying that you will look for a new platform if you are closing your Kroger account. 

Therefore, for your convenience, we’ll suggest a few websites that are comparable to Kroger or, you know, alternatives to the Kroger account. Target, Walmart, Amazon, Costco, etc. are a few examples of platforms. By just clicking on them, you can join them.

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FAQs – How to Delete Kroger Account

How can I remove the Kroger card’s link?

Visit your Account Settings page after logging in. Choosing “Oversee Members” Find the section, then delete it from the “Oversee Members” page. Accept ejection.

How can I modify the number on my Kroger Plus card?

To continue, click “My Account” and enter your email address or secret password. Enter your Kroger Plus card number and click “Alter Kroger Community Rewards”. Then “Update” or confirm your details at that moment.

How do I stop receiving emails from Kroger?

Update your preferences on the Communications tab in your record by going there. The time it might take for all email correspondence to end is around fourteen days. On the other hand, you can unsubscribe from our email programme by clicking the link in one of our letters.

What is the Kroger Plus card process?

Then select Sign In/Register. In the unlikely event that you are a different web user, click SIGN UP TODAY in the “New Customer?” section.

Can Kroger Plus Cards be linked?

Instead of using a card, enter your phone number here or call 800-576-4377 and choose option 4 to acquire your Kroger Plus card number. Visit www.Kroger.com and click the “Register” button in the top right corner.


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I genuinely hope you found this information to be useful. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any more questions. I appreciate your reading.

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