How To Delete iBotta Account

How To Delete iBotta Account

How To Delete iBotta Account? If you have an ibotta account and are wondering how to delete it, this post will assist you and provide a straightforward approach.

With the submission of receipts and purchase verification, users of the Ibotta app can get cash back on mobile apps, in-store, and online purchases. There is a greater chance that someone will leak your data online if you have more accounts. Every day, data is violated, and this information is then used to annoy account holders.

Ibotta is an online rewards programme that offers its registered customers cash back when they make purchases through their website. 

The online store offers the ability to create or edit account information, explore a list of e-commerce sites and products, access in-depth product information, buy products through the store, and receive cash back benefits. 

Recently, we’ve received some requests from website visitors who want to remove their Ibotta Portal accounts. 

We came to the conclusion that some users would wish to cancel their accounts from the Ibotta portal because they aren’t using it to make product purchases after conducting some study on the subject.

If you want to delete this account because it was used to send spam emails, we advise you to either mark the email as spam or unsubscribe from their newsletter by clicking the link at the bottom of the email. 

If you want to delete your Ibotta account for reasons other than those listed above, I’ll walk you through the process in detail.

First A Little Bit About Company

Bryan Leach developed the Ibotta portal in 2012, and it is today one of the greatest online destinations for cashback incentives that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. According to the source, the portal receives more than 4 million visits each month.

How To Delete Ibotta Account

Currently, there is only one method listed below for deleting your account from the Ibotta portal:

Delete your Account through Website

1. Visit “” for further information.

2. Find the section RIGHT TO BE FORGOTTEN by scrolling down.

3. Select the link EXERCISE THE RIGHT TO BE FORGOTTEN in the section.

4. The sign-in page will be redirected to you. To delete your account, log in using your credentials and follow the on-screen directions.

Follow this website to get more about How to Delete Ibotta Account.

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FAQs – How To Delete iBotta Account

How do I delete my Ibotta account?

You can easily fill out and submit a ticket in the Ibotta help center and choose “cancel account request” from the menu if you want to cancel or delete your account.

Why did Ibotta deactivate my account?

If an account has more than two accounts on a single device or a fake receipt, Ibotta will promptly cancel it. Your Ibotta account will soon go inactive if you don’t utilize it for a few months.

Will ibotta reactivate my account?

Yes. You can ask to activate your account by sending them an email. To contact them, you can also use the iBotta support link in the app or the website.

Can you have two Ibotta accounts?

Your account will be deactivated by Ibotta’s system after it flags you as having numerous accounts. Additionally, you won’t be able to get your money back later.

Can you use old receipts for Ibotta?

Ibotta accepts receipts for up to seven days following the time and date of your purchase. Unfortunately, if you send the receipt after the eighth day from the time and date of your transaction, it will be considered outdated and you could not be eligible for credit.


If you no longer intend to use your account, it would be better to delete it. I sincerely hope the article on how to delete your Ibotta account above was helpful in helping you.

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