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How To Delete A Teacher Account On ClassDojo

Are you looking for How To Delete A Teacher Account On ClassDojo? Read further to know more.

Each of the four major ClassDojo account types—Teacher, Parent, Student, and School Leader—has a unique registration process. For instance, if you were a parent and accidentally created a teaching account, you could easily erase it. 

Additionally, switching between the teacher and parent accounts is simple. You may learn how to do both from this article.

Removing the Teacher Account

Do you want to establish a new teacher account on ClassDojo if you already use the platform as a teacher? Or perhaps you accidentally clicked on a couple of buttons when you were a parent making your initial ClassDojo account and now you have a teacher account?

Thankfully, removing a teacher account is straightforward. You should keep in mind that the ClassDojo web interface is the only option to do it. Apps for iOS and Android don’t yet support this action. What you must do is as follows:

1. Online, sign in to your ClassDojo account.

2. Choose a name.

3. Then select “Account Settings.”

4. Select “Advanced” from the menu.

5. The “Delete Your Account” option is next to the “Delete” icon, so choose that.

That’s it; your ClassDojo account has been permanently terminated. You won’t have access to any of the data you had in the account. Classes and any other content you may have posted for your students are included in this.

Be sure that you want to proceed with it before clicking the “Delete” button because you cannot get this account back.

Changing the Email

It is not required for you to delete the instructor account on ClassDojo because you want to use a different email.

Your ClassDojo instructor account’s linked email can be changed with ease. The fact that you can modify this setting from the app and the web portal is another positive.


1. Register with your account.

2. On your name, click.

3. Then select “Account Settings.”

4. Enter your updated email address.

5. The “Save changes” option.


1. Go to “Account settings” on the ClassDojo app after launching it.

2. At the top of the screen, tap “Edit.”

3. After entering your new email address, click “Save.”

Also check:


Select “Account settings” in the ClassDojo app after opening it.

Select your active email address.

Type the new email in the pop-up box and click “OK.”

How To Delete A Teacher Account On ClassDojo

Toggle Between Parent and Teacher Accounts

Most teachers are parents, and some parents are also educators. They are thus entitled to a seat on either side of the table. The ClassDojo app has a function called Account Switcher that you can use. 

This is not currently possible on the web portal. You can sign out of your instructor account and sign in as a parent on the internet, and the other way around.

It is therefore simpler to switch between accounts using the app. The steps are the same for both iOS and Android smartphones, and they are as follows:

1. Tap on the image in the upper left corner of the ClassDojo app after opening it.

2. You can choose the desired account from a list of all your accounts.

3. You can choose to automatically switch to the desired account using the app.

How To Delete A Teacher Account On ClassDojo

Managing Your ClassDojo Accounts Is Easy

The process of creating and deleting accounts is simple, whether you’re a teacher, parent, or both. You only need a few clicks when you’re ready to delete your instructor account. But keep in mind that you must use the ClassDojo website.

You can modify your email on any device if you choose. Additionally, the toggle account switcher will make life easier for teachers and parents.

Have you ever downloaded and utilized the ClassDojo app? Comment below with your thoughts and let us know.

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