How To Cancel Brazzers Membership [Simple Guide]

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The official website of the Canadian company Brazzers uses a recurring subscription-based strategy to allow users to access premium content.

The transactions for Brazzers and recurring subscriptions are handled by the Probiller transaction system. Another programme called Truebill, which you can use to cancel your Brazzer subscription, verifies the cancellation and handles the cancellation request.

This article describes how to cancel your Brazzers membership on the company’s website or through Truebill.

To terminate your Brazzers subscription through the official website, follow these steps:

Go to support.brazzers.com to start by visiting the Brazzers help page.

Then, select the Billing tab from the menu at the top of the page.

Next, click the “cancellation method” link under “How do I cancel my membership?” after scrolling down.

Next, select your desired cancellation method and submit a cancellation request for the account.

Remember: You must log in to your account, therefore you’ll need your account credentials, in order to cancel your Brazzers subscription.

Let’s take a closer look at how to cancel your Brazzer membership using their live chat feature, Truebill, and their support page.

1) How To Cancel Brazzers Membership [Via Official Site]

To revoke your subscription on the official Brazzer website:

1. Visit the official Brazzer website and select Member Login in the top right corner.

2. Select Billing from the account settings menu.

3. can cancel your subscription there by clicking on the link, which will direct you to Brazzer’s support page.

How To Cancel Brazzers Membership

4. You will need to browse down through a number of questions under the “Billing Questions” category before you come to the “How do I cancel my membership” area.

How To Cancel Brazzers Membership

5. There will be three alternatives for cancelling your subscription on the new page that opens when you click the cancellation method.

6. You can choose to end your Brazzers subscription by calling, engaging in live chat, or submitting a form. Choose your preferred option and then follow their instructions to end your Brazzer membership.

Note: The official website’s cancellation form is very similar to the one used on Truebill to cancel subscriptions and thus asks for the same details.

This contact information can offer additional assistance when canceling your membership.

Please take note that even after canceling your membership, you can continue to access the site’s premium content up to the conclusion of the previous subscription cycle.

2) How to Cancel Brazzers Membership Through Truebill 

If you are having trouble canceling via the official Brazzer website, try contacting Truebill directly. You must complete a form provided by Truebill to terminate the Probiller account associated with your Brazzer subscription.

To complete the canceling process, you will want the email address that corresponds with the accounts on Brazzers and propeller.

You might also need to supply the relevant username, phone number, unique credit card number, and billing address, as well as the time and cost of the most recent charge.

To complete the procedure, you must specify a “cause for the cancellation of the subscription.” You will be given a choice in the Truebill form for any praises, grievances, or pertinent information.

The ways to terminate your probiller subscription are as follows:

1. Start by creating a Truebill account.

2. To enable Truebill to scan your transactions and identify all of your subscriptions, link your probiller account.

3. To cancel your Brazzers membership, choose your ProBiller subscription and then follow the on-screen directions.

4. Finally, look for a confirmation in your email.

You may also manually terminate your ProBiller subscription:

1. Go to https://www.probiller.com/contact/ first.

2. Choose from the options of phone, live chat, or email.

3. Along with your email address, billing address, and the last four numbers of the card you used, provide the name of the subscription or Brazzers as the name of the entertainment website to cancel.

4. The cancellation of the MBI Probiller will be confirmed through email.

5. Ensure that you verify the cancellation in that email.

Also Check:

3) Terminate Brazzers Membership With Brazzers Support Website and Chat

You may modify your account-related information, your credit cards, and account and subscription preferences using Brazzers’ sophisticated customer service system.

You may use the live chat feature on the support page of the official website to cancel your membership. This approach moves you through the procedure more rapidly.

Click start to begin a chat session with their customer service representative. They will ask you to confirm your identity and account, so be prepared with your credentials or have them in mind.

Once your identity has been confirmed, the chat representative will help you cancel or modify your account and membership.

The customer service website is bilingual and provides toll-free phone numbers for several different nations. Additionally, it simplifies subscription cancellation and improves the usability of their support system.


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