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E.on Chat – E.On Launches Live Chat As More Customers Choose Digital

Are you looking for E.on Chat? Read to know more. E.ON introduced Live Chat today (FRI), which will help the company’s services be even better and provide consumers with yet another method to manage their energy requirements.

In addition to E.ON’s current email, Facebook, and Twitter channels, Live Chat offers clients an instant digital solution that enables them to communicate with E.ON customer care advisers via the company’s website. 

More than 44% of consumers chose to utilize E.ON’s digital channels in 2015 as opposed to 30% at the beginning of 2014, which shows how Live Chat complements the company’s objective to satisfy the ever-changing demands of its customers.

E.ON intended to be the first to offer its customers value-added services like real-time energy usage disaggregation based on digital meters in 2017, while the German market was still waiting for smart meters to be deployed. 

The German General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) criteria and support for meter placement needing both long-range (LoRa) and short-range (Wi-Fi) solutions were satisfied by NET2GRID in order to win E.ON’s tender. 

The disaggregation accuracy of NET2GRID was also a crucial factor in E.ON’s decision and the subsequent installation on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Innovative Offering from E.ON Chat

Located in Essen, Germany, E.ON is a global, privately held energy provider. E.ON wants to become the go-to partner for energy and customer solutions by putting a clear emphasis on two robust core businesses. 

The non-intrusive load monitoring (NILM) component of the system was provided by NET2GRID, while E.ON built the Smart Control service application. Customers who use the service Smart Control may examine and manage their detailed power use. 

Customers may discover energy wasters, compare devices, and get an overview of the breakdown of energy expenses thanks to the related mobile application and online applications, which make usage visible. In 2019, E.ON introduced Smart Control to its digital metering customers in Germany.

Mobile Customer Interface for E.ON Smart Control

Smart Control complies with GDPR regulations in terms of data processing, data storage, and data destruction. 

In order for E.ON to be the secure data controller and establish its own terms and conditions with its clients in accordance with GDPR, NET2GRID put its platform service on E.ON’s AWS account.

Customer Obsession Produces Outstanding Results

Customers have been quite satisfied with the E.ON Smart Control service thus far, which has greatly increased customer loyalty. Surveyed Smart Control users reported an excellent 60% Net Promoter Score in October 2020. (NPS). 

Additionally, the poll found that 50% of users access the app every day and 90% do so at least once each week. One of the aspects that consumers liked the most and helped to boost customer engagement was disaggregation.

With the aid of E.ON Smart Control, users can now, for the first time, correctly comprehend and monitor electricity consumption, instantly detect “power guzzlers,” and even save money by comparing energy-consuming appliances within their homes.

The application helps customers see consumption data and enables them to understand how different gadgets affect total usage. Consumers may now quickly identify the actual sources of costs and take action to control and reduce them.

Application Features Receive Positive Customer Reviews

A display of total electricity consumption and costs in real-time, a display of consumption and costs at the device category level, and a display of each customer’s household meter reading with comparative statistics and analysis are all features of the E.ON Smart Control application, which has ratings of 4.6 stars on Google Play and 4.3 stars on the App Store. 

Customers may configure E.ON Smart Control so that it alerts them if their consumption is abnormally high, allows them to see if their gadgets are turned on or off, and even notifies them if there is a power peak in their home.

Ovens and stoves, freezer, fridge-freezers, fridges with internal freezer compartments, washing machines, dishwashers, and washer-driers are all equipment that the E.ON Smart Control app can identify. The programme combines all standby devices into one category, including TVs and consoles. 

Last but not least, E.ON Smart Control contrasts the actual monthly expenses spent with a predetermined advance payment. In the event that there is a discrepancy, customers can request that their energy provider alter the usual monthly charge. By doing this, bill shock is avoided when the final invoice for the year is received.

How NET2GRID Uses AWS to Fulfill Orders for E.ON

Since NET2GRID is an AWS Partner, we deployed services within E.ON’s AWS account uses AWS CloudFormation, heavily using Amazon Elastic Container Service and AWS Lambda for a highly scalable solution. To facilitate real-time monitoring of AWS services, we use Amazon’s CloudWatch.

For a variety of reasons, NET2GRID decided to put its platform on E.ON’s AWS instance. Numerous subsidiaries of E.ON exist in several nations, and they may all utilize the same E.ON network. 

E.ON is able to evaluate performance across several markets thanks to the NET2GRID service delivery platform (SDP) on AWS. E.ON is able to utilize AWS to autonomously scale the AWS resources it requires in response to rising end-user demand.

To maintain business continuity, NET2GRID leverages AWS automated failover between several Availability Zones. As AWS is easily upgradeable, E.ON can create, test, and launch new features rapidly.

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Executive Feedback from E.ON

Feedback from E.ON executives is generally favorable, which is also true of end users. For instance, the Smart Control app is one of E.ON’s most cutting-edge services, according to Matthias Terschueren, vice president of smart data-driven solutions at the German energy company. 90% of users log into the app on a weekly basis or more. It proves that we are relevant in our clients’ homes.

The same is true of Jens Puknat, Head of Smart Control at E.ON Energie Deutschland: “Our E.ON Smart Control app is well-liked by customers and the services we provide genuine value addition. With the ability to save money and protect the environment at the same time, E.ON Smart Control embodies the spirit of the digital generation.


We believe you now have all the information you need to make an informed decision about the E.on Chat. If you have any more questions, please feel free to post them in the comments area below. Thank you for reading.

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