What to know about Prosser Creek Reservoir, where presumed body of Kiely Rodni found

In Prosser Creek Reservoir, a volunteer team of search and rescue divers reported finding Kiely Rodni's car and assumed dead on Sunday.

The adolescent from Northern California had been missing since the beginning of August and was last saw at a sizable gathering.

at the nearby campground close to Truckee in Nevada County. The group Adventures with Purpose,

a well-known search-and-rescue diving team on social media, made the discovery, which has not been confirmed by law enforcement.

Prosser Creek Reservoir is located in the Tahoe National Forest, about 10 minutes north of Truckee,

and is surrounded by wild animals, rocky peaks, and thick forest. 90 miles northeast of Sacramento,

on a peninsula on the reservoir's western side, is where you'll find the Prosser Family Campground.