Google’s ads privacy lead on why it’s fighting to save the ad-funded internet

Digital advertising must be safer, but abandoning an ad-supported web altogether would be a mistake, according to Claire Norburn of Google.

There has never been a time when having access to reliable information is more crucial.

We are suffering a pandemic, a cost of living and energy crisis, a terrible war in Ukraine, and escalating climatic crises all over the world.

People rely on easily available, reliable information to guide them through the uncertainties. Today, about 90% of Europe is online, giving them access to a wealth of resources, information, and material.

The funding of our favourite content in media like newspapers, magazines, entertainment TV, and now the web has been made possible in large part by advertisements.

However, as more people go online and become more concerned with their privacy, the ad-supported internet model has come under scrutiny.

People are ignoring adverts they consider to be intrusive or spammy.

Global regulators rightfully advocate for a more private internet, while some detractors seek a complete ban on tailored advertising.